Master Meat Cutter

Master Meat Cutter

Hartselle, AL

Weaver Meat Processing

Master Meat Cutter

As a Master Meat Cutter at Weaver Meat Processing, you will be a key architect of our meat processing operations, specializing in expertly breaking down livestock carcasses into precise cuts. Your expertise will extend to cutting steaks and roasts according to order specifications. The accuracy and consistency of your cuts, along with your meticulous attention to detail, will directly influence the quality of our products.


Carcass Breakdown:

  •  Skillfully dissect livestock carcasses into manageable sections while maximizing yield and minimizing waste.
  •  Identify and separate primal and sub-primal cuts according to industry standards and company guidelines.

Steak and Roast Cutting:

  • Cut steaks and roasts as per detailed order instructions, ensuring precise thickness and weight for each cut.
  •  Maintain an in-depth understanding of various cuts, their characteristics, and appropriate applications.

Specialty Cuts and Techniques:

  • Utilize your expertise to dissect muscles for specialty cuts like flat iron steak, demonstrating advanced knowledge of anatomy and cutting methods.

Roast Weight Accuracy:

  •  Pay meticulous attention to the weight of roasts, accurately portioning them according to customer orders and weight specifications.

Order Interpretation and Communication:

  • Utilize strong reading and writing skills to thoroughly understand order instructions, ensuring precise execution.
  • Collaborate with the production team to ensure accurate communication and seamless operations.

Equipment Expertise:

  • Operate meat cutting equipment, including band saws, with proficiency and precision to achieve accurate cuts.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain equipment to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

Quality Assurance:

  •  Perform visual inspections of cuts to identify defects, irregularities, or deviations from standards.
  •  Uphold product quality and adhere to the company's high standards of excellence.

Safety and Drug-Free Workplace:

  • Operate equipment, including meat saws, in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Understand that equipment operators, such as Master Meat Cutters, are subject to more routine drug testing than other employees due to the critical safety aspect of their role. Weaver Meat Processing maintains a drug-free workplace policy to ensure the safety of all team members.

Team Leadership:

  •  Provide guidance and mentorship to meat cutters, sharing your knowledge and expertise to enhance the team's skills.
  •  Remain calm and composed under high-stress situations, ensuring effective problem-solving and decision-making.


  •  Preferred experience as a Meat Cutter in a professional meat processing or butcher
  • In-depth knowledge of animal anatomy, primal and sub-primal cuts, and specialty cuts is
    preferred but not required. Weaver Meat Processing will provide training.
  •  Proficiency in using meat cutting equipment, including band saws.
  • Strong reading and writing skills to accurately interpret and execute order instructions.
  •  Attention to detail and precision in portioning, cutting, and dissecting.
  •  Excellent teamwork and communication skills for effective collaboration across departments.
  • Understanding of food safety and hygiene practices, with a commitment to maintaining a
    clean and safe work environment.
  • Physical stamina and dexterity to perform cutting tasks, lift heavy cuts of meat, and stand for
    extended periods.

Note: The role of a Master Meat Cutter is vital in maintaining the quality and consistency of our meat
products. Your leadership, technical expertise, and ability to remain composed under high-stress
situations will be crucial in meeting customer expectations and delivering exceptional products.