About Weaver Meat Processing

Weaver Meat Processing has been all about quality cuts, timeless traditions, and innovation since 1997. Our commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of our legacy, shaping the way we craft premium meat products. And when you join our family, you can contribute to our legacy of excellence that stood the test of time.

Our History

Since 1984, our family has been deeply committed to the custom meat processing industry. Eli Weaver started Weaver Deer Processing in Dallas County, Alabama, in 1992, and by 2002, our operations expanded to include the processing of beef and hogs. In 1997, Leonard Weaver continued this tradition in North Alabama, founding Weaver Meat Processing.

Now, our facility manages the entire process from start to finish, producing fresh and smoked products in-house. With a growing and loyal customer base, we’ve strategically expanded our facility to accommodate the increasing demand.

We process over 4000 deer annually during deer season and offer custom processing services for beef and hogs each spring and fall. Our enduring commitment to providing quality products and fostering innovation defines the legacy we continue to build at Weaver Meat Processing.


Pioneers in Premium Meat Processing

As leaders in the industry since 1984, we’ve continuously set the standard for quality cuts and unparalleled craftsmanship. By choosing to be part of our dynamic team, you’re not just signing up for a job – you’re joining a tradition of excellence that has been at the forefront of the meat processing business for decades.

One of the Largest Processors in Southeast

Be part of our leading team in Southeast deer processing. Join us in handling over 4000 deer each season, working collaboratively within a dynamic team.

Largest Emu Processor

Become a vital member of our team at the forefront of emu processing and contribute to shaping industry standards in a sustainable and unique environment.

In Business Since 1997

Step into a legacy that has thrived since 1997. Join a team committed to quality and innovation, contributing to the ongoing success of the meat processing industry.

Our Team

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